Mount Ascot Merino Stud is a family owned and run business first founded in 1956 with the purchase by Reuben and Heather Brumpton of 4 rams, together with a number of stud ewes of Haddon Rig blood. The property was first settled by Reuben George Brumpton about 1915, there were no fences or improvements so sheep had to be shephered during the day and put into "breaks" at night. The only son, Reuben Ronald took over the property from his father after many years of wool classing throughout South West Queensland, and together with his wife Heather they formed the basis of Mount Ascot Merino Stud. Reubens objective back then was to breed a type of sheep suitable for Queensland conditions and resistant to fly strike and fleece rot. This task was not easy and with a lot of progeny testing and culling, a lifetime's job, Reuben says he has achieved his objective.

The stud today is managed by Reuben & Heather's son Nigel and the help of his family, Rosemary, Felicity, Charlie and Lachie.

As the stud is situated in South Western Queensland it was most imperative for breeding a merino sheep with a large frame, heavy boned, bright, soft handling, deeply crimped and nourished wool and a tough constitution that can handle the harsh Queensland climate. It is a predomitly summer rainfall with an average amount of 21 inches per annum. This rain mainly falls between November and February where we also experience many humid days, unlike the tropical weather of Northern Queensland. Statistically Autumn and Winter are dry seasons often bordering on drought

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