Jolly Jumbuck

Every since Felicity, Charlie and Lachie could walk, the three of them were always vying for their fathers attention by sharing his own personal passion for merinos. It was then, a natural occurrence, that the seeds were sown for their own Poll Merino Stud, Jolly Jumbuck.

It was founded in February 2006 with the purchase of stud ewes and rams from Moorundie Park, and also semen from Willemenup. In August 2001 the stud was registered and named after a long period of negotiating names! Felicity, Charlie and Lachie with the guidance of their father perform all the tasks associated with the management of the stud.   It was a hot November in 2009 that the ram shed was built at "Baynham" Mitchell that now houses the Jolly Jumbuck Polls. Each morning and night they are looked after by one of the children, however in recent years Felicity, Charlie and Lachie are attending boarding schools in Brisbane so their sheep husbandry and management are planned around the school holidays.

As soon as they were able to, they headed for the showring to share in the competition that their parents were enjoying, with an aim to beat their Father! This has been achieved in 2011 at the Queensland State Sheep Show held at Charleville where they were awarded the Queensland Ram of the Year, the highlight for the Jolly Jumbuck Poll stud so far.

The Children's first debut was at the 2007 Qld Blackall State Sheep Show where they won their first ribbon 1st place Medium 4 tooth Poll Ram, then in early 2008 the Tara Show taking out their first broadribbon for Junior Champion Poll Ram. It was then they made the trek to Sydney Royal to come 2nd in two classes and a 4th in one class and then an exciting Reserve Champion Strong Wool August Shorn Poll Merino Ram. So now with this desire for improvement and the experience of the show circuit, their quest is driving them to continuously improve breeding a dual purpose, easy care poll merino that out performs their competitors and exceeds their client expectations.

Awards - Queensland State Sheep Show

Queensland Ram of the Year 2011

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