As much the same as Mount Ascots objectives the Jolly Jumbuck Polls have to be genetically correct to withstand the harsh Queensland Climate. The Jolly Jumbuck merinos are a very large framed sheep, enhanced by their early maturity, great conformation and the ability to be very fertile and reproduction rates leading to higher lambing percentages. The wool must be white and bright, soft handling and deeply crimped with an excellent waxy tip to resist fly and fleece rot as these sheep are exposed to such extreme weather conditions, from humidity, tropical and drought conditions. Their strong constitution is vital for the poll merino to adapt to the environment subject to these elements. Another important factor is reproduction and high fertility, as we know the merino ewe is a valuable tool so it is paramount that she is genetically sound to be able to produce multiple lambs and nurture them through the lambing process. Hence always striving to increase lambing percentages, and greater returns from surplus sheep sales..

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