The Jolly Jumbuck Advantage

The Dual Purpose ability of Jolly Jumbuck is paramount. The large frame being depth of body, length of body and eye muscle is very important, as well as an adequate cutting ability makes the Jolly Jumbucks very profitable. The dual purpose ability allows the Jolly Jumbucks to outperform other cross breeds with the combination of meat and wool. The object of the Jolly Jumbucks is to keep the quality medium wool, so as to retain their great constitution and feed conversion and allow them to perform under the harsh Western Queensland environment. Their average micron is 20.3mic.

Mules Free & Easy Care

If this is what the industry is after, there are families in the Jolly Jumbucks which are naturally bare and do not require mulesing. All of the sheep are bred very plain bodied to allow for this easy care Poll Merino.

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