We as a family operated enterprise have a large commitment to the sheep and wool industry. As well as the Mount Ascot and Jolly Jumbuck Studs we run a large commercial merino enterprise. We operate 2 other properties at Cunnamulla with a total of 115,000acres, shearing 18-20,000 sheep, this is where our passion is with the Merino industry and do not run any other breeds, cross bred or exotic sheep.

The Merinos wether lambs are taken through to their first shearing and then value added through our sheep feedlot at Mitchell. Most of the grain is home grown here. This is the true dual purpose breed and the lambs currently leaving the feedlot are averaging 25kg carcass.

Here at Mount Ascot we believe we are securing our clients with a genuine double package of quality wool and a meat carcass. In these exciting times with the continuing demands from China and Europe for our prestigious fibre and the shortage of sheep in Australia resulting in much higher prices for our surplus stock for the meat market we feel we are giving our clients every opportunity to benefit financially and take advantage of our "easy-care" Merino.

Mount Ascot is 7 hours drive south west of Brisbane, 400kms North from the NSW border and 95 kms east from Australia's biggest cattle selling complex at Roma. The country is a mixture of brigalow,belah scrub type soils with basalt range outcrofts dispersed with box type country.

At Mount Ascot, we have always benchmarked our genetics against the merino industry. Especially for always improving genetics to strive for the demands expected from producers, makers and the end user, a "easy-care", highly productive and fertile animal. From travelling to Victoria and NSW to compete and win some of the most prestigious awards against Australians top genetics and gain excellent ram sale averages in Queensland, against other top well established merino studs. We will not give up this benchmarking as we feel it is the utmost importance to have that continuity and quality assurance performance.

We have achieved the highest average and the most rams sold at an "On Property" ram sale for the last 15 consecutive years. We also hold the top price of $8,000 for a ram sold at an "On Property ram sale in Queensland

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