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2018 Sale Date

Mount Ascot “On Property” Ram Sale - 17th January 2018


2016 Sale Date

Mount Ascot “On Property” Ram Sale - 12th February 2016

Sydney Royal Show - 21st March 2016

Queensland State Sheep Show – Longreach- 13-14th May 2016

Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Bendigo - 15th July 2016

Dubbo National Show & Sale – 23rd August, 2016

World Merino Insight - Adelaide Show - 4th September 2016

2014 Sale Dates

Mount Ascot “On Property” Ram Sale - 28th February 2014 - Download Catalogue

Sydney Royal Show - Easter 2014

Queensland State Sheep Show – Barcaldine- 9-10th May 2014

Display at Landsborough Flock Ewe Show - Muttaburra Racecourse - 31 May 2014

Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Bendigo - 18-20th July 2014

Dubbo National Show & Sale – 27-29th August, 2014

Display at Quilpie Show - 13th September 2014

Northern Ram Sale -  Muttaburra Racecourse - September 2014

QLD Country Life - 30th January 2012

A COMPLETE clearance of Mt Ascot Merino rams on offer showed the strong demand for quality merino genetics.

Repeat buyers were very active and strong bidding saw a complete clearance of rams on offer.

Paddock rams and stud rams were on offer at the sale.

Buyers of the $6000 ram, Ray and Brenda Kneipp, Glen Farm, Dundee, NSW, travelled from the New England region. They have been buying rams at Mount Ascot auctions for the past seven years.

"Mt Ascot rams are very big sheep, their size is putting more size into our sheep," Ray Kneipp said .

"There is no compromise of wool quality, they have beautiful wool and produce a good large-framed meat sheep, which is now becoming more important with rising prices for lamb and mutton.

"Although Western-bred the rams suit New England conditions as well."

Mt Ascot's 128 stud rams sold to average $1591 sale of 48 paddock rams grossed $39,000. Total sales grossed $242,600.

Mt Ascot Merino Stud principal Nigel Brumpton was pleased with the sale.

"We could not have wished for a better result, the single-lot rams averaged $1915 and penned rams averaged $1593," he said.

Charlie, Lachie and Felicity Brumpton also made a stud sale debut with their Jolly Jumbucks Poll Merino Stud.

The top-priced Poll Merino ram sold to $2800 and their rams reached an average of $1618.

"It's a strong wool market this year and with lamb and mutton prices strong, there is a strong demand for dual purpose rams," Mr Brumpton said.

Justin Higgins Elder's Livestock, Mitchell said the Mt Ascot sale had good attendance from NSW and across Queensland.


jan2012 01

Brenda and Ray Kniepp "Glen Farm"
Dundee NSW with top priced
MT/A ram $6000.00

jan2012 02

Kane, Bob and Nigel in front of sale rams

jan2012 03

Bob, Sarah, Marg & Kane Little
"Waverely" Cunnamulla who
purchased 43 rams av $1913.00

jan2012 04

Team for ram sale 2012

jan2012 05
Scott Thrift & Graeme Winks and sale rams

jan2012 06

Graeme Winks "Tilquin" Bollon with top priced Jolly Jumbuck Poll Ram $2800 also with Charlie Brumpton, Scott Thrift, Lachie and Felicity Brumpton

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